Twitter introducing Security Keys for account protection

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Twitter introducing Security Keys for account protection
Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Twitter announced another extra layer of security to two-factor authentication (2FA) by introducing Security Keys which keeps your Twitter account safe, secure, and stay protected. Security Keys are now available to everyone’s account and they can be enabled by visiting Twitter Settings and privacy > Account > Security > Two-factor authentication, there you will see the third option “Security Key.”

Twitter introducing Security Keys for account protection

Security Key uses the FIDO and WebAuthn security standards to transfer the burden of protecting against phishing attempts from a human to a hardware device, said Twitter. Security keys can differentiate legitimate sites from malicious ones and block phishing attempts that SMS or verification codes would not,” Twitted added in their post.


Twitter also said in their blog post, “We also enabled the ability to use 2FA on a Twitter account without requiring a phone number, allowing people to protect their accounts from SIM-swapping attacks and opening up 2FA to more people.”

Security keys are small devices that act as keys to your house. Just as you need a physical key to unlock the door to your home, you need a security key to unlock access to your account. Security keys offer the strongest protection for your Twitter account because they have built-in protections to ensure that even if a key is used on a phishing site, the information shared can’t be used to access your account.