Twitter Fleets will no longer be available on Twitter from August 3

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Twitter Fleets will no longer be available on Twitter from August 3

Twitter tested Fleets in March 2020 and successfully make it publicly in November 2020, stories like a feature just like on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp. But now Twitter officially announced Fleets will be no longer available on Twitter after August 3, 2021, due to the lower number of uses in conversations, so Twitter decided to kill Fleets this August 3.

Here’s what Twitter is saying about Fleets in the statement:

  • Using our learnings from Fleets, we’ll focus on creating other ways for people to join the conversation and talk about what’s happening in their world. Here’s some of what we learned and what’s next:
  • Although we built Fleets to address some of the anxieties that hold people back from Tweeting, Fleets are mostly used by people who are already Tweeting to amplify their own Tweets and talk directly with others. We’ll explore more ways to address what holds people back from participating on Twitter. And for the people who already are Tweeting, we’re focused on making this better for you.
  • Most Fleets include media – people enjoy quickly sharing photos and videos to add to the discussion on Twitter. Soon, we’ll test updates to the Tweet composer and camera to incorporate features from the Fleets composer – like the full-screen camera, text formatting options, and GIF stickers.
  • The top of the timeline continues to be a good spot to highlight what’s happening right now so you’ll still see Spaces there when someone you follow is hosting or speaking in a live audio conversation.
  • Our Fleet ads test, which concluded as planned last month, was one of our first explorations of full-screen, vertical format ads. We’re taking a close look at learnings to assess how these ads perform on Twitter.