Rumors: Twitter “Blue” Subscription Will Let You Undo Tweets at $2.99

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Twitter is working on a new subscription called “Blue” which allows Twitter users to undo their tweets by costing them $2.99 per month. According to Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane), she described in her tweets, new Twitter features coming in apps, according to her tweets, there will be a “Collection” section that let users save and organize their favorite tweets to make them easier to find at a later date, see her detailed tweets below:

She also mentions “Undo Tweets” which lets users give a short time to undo their tweets before they actually posted on their social networks. Users will also be able to select where the Undo Tweet feature will be applied, with options include original tweets, replies, tweetstorms, and quoted tweets. She also said that Twitter is working on a tiered subscription pricing model, so one tier could have more paid features than another.

Being said that, there is no official statement from Twitter when it will be available or when it will be released or rolled out, and also there is no word from Twitter about the pricing model.

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Rumors: Twitter “Blue” Subscription Will Let You Undo Tweets at $2.99


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