TuSimple has completed the first autonomous semi-truck test in Arizona

Dec 30, 2021, 5:38 PM UTC
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TuSimple has completed the first autonomous semi-truck test in Arizona
Image courtesy: TuSimple

TuSimple, a technology company, completed testing of its autonomous semi-truck in Arizona this week. According to The Associated Press, the business stated on Wednesday that the truck successfully drove an 80-mile trip on public highways.

The truck, which was led and surrounded by cars ready to intervene if required, started its journey from a railyard in Tucson and drove all the way to a distribution center in Phoenix. TuSimple told the Associated Press that the semi-truck handled lane changes, off-ramps, and traffic signals with ease, “naturally interacting with other motorists.”

“This test reinforces what we believe is our unique position at the forefront of autonomous trucking, delivering advanced driving technology at commercial scale,” TuSimple CEO Cheng Lu said.

According to the company, their virtual-driver vehicle can reduce roughly 40% of the total trucking operational costs that drivers presently represented in the sector. It also claimed that its driverless truck technology can save up to 10% on fuel expenses.

According to the Associated Press, TuSimple has completed over 2 million miles of road testing and has 70 completely autonomous trucks internationally.

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