Tumblr is testing a new subscription service called Post+

Jul 23, 2021, 10:53 PM EDT
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Tumblr is testing a new subscription service called Post+
Image credit: Tumblr

Recent news from Tumblr suggests launching a new subscription service called “Post+” a tool that allows creators to make exclusive posts to paid supporters and allows people to support their favorite creators, in a simple word creators can earn money from their works. Tumblr also said it is all done in the existing post from with the existing tools in their feed post.


“Post+ simply gives creators the freedom to pick and choose which posts they want public and which posts they want only their paid supporters to see. Creators who use Post+ have the ability to choose how much of their content is free and public. Post+ is an optional program—the creator has the power to decide if they want to participate or not. The creator also has the ability to choose from a select set of predefined subscription pricing structures for their supporters.”

Currently, Tumblr Post+ is under beta testing, and the company working with a limited number of creators who are testing, interested Tumblr creators can join the beta phase from here.

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