TorGuard giving FREE TorGuard VPN Router for a limited time (while supplies last)

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TorGuard giving FREE TorGuard VPN Router for a limited time (while supplies last)
Source: TorGuard

For a limited time, TorGuard has partnered with PrivateRouter.com to provide a free TorGuard VPN router that comes pre-installed with TorGuard WireGuard and OpenVPN features. TorGuard’s new VPN Router plan now includes this freebie.

The WireGuard app for PrivateRouter works with TorGuard’s easy config generator to make setting up WireGuard VPN on an OpenWRT router easy. Simply copy/paste your configuration into the router app and connect to enable WireGuard connectivity 24/7. On VPN routers, WireGuard provides great performance and security, with maximum download speeds ten times faster than OpenVPN.

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TorGuard is offering a limited-time 50% discount on yearly subscription options, as well as a free VPN router, to mark the launch of its new VPN router plan. This deal applies to both new and existing subscribers.


To get a FREE GL-AR300M Shadow VPN Router (while supplies last) from PrivateRouter preloaded with TorGuard’s WireGuard setup tool and OpenVPN servers, use the promo code “GadgetBond” during checkout when you choose TorGuard’s new VPN Router Plan. TorGuard’s new VPN Router Plan costs approximately $129.99, but with the discount code (above), you can get it for just $64.99, saving approximately $65.

TorGuard giving FREE TorGuard VPN Router for a limited time (while supplies last)

Or, if you are willing to subscribe to only TorGuard’s Anonymous VPN, Anonymous VPN Pro plan, please use our coupon code “GadgetBond50” on the TorGuard website at checkout to get 50% off on the mentioned plans, this code also works on TorGuard’s new VPN Router Plan.

Or, if you plan to subscribe to TorGuard’s Anonymous Proxy or Anonymous Webmail, then use our coupon code “GadgetBond” to get 50% off for life, this code also works on TorGuard’s Anonymous VPN plan.

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