Bethesda Studios’ Emil Pagliarulo confirms Todd Howard as the sole authorized source for unreleased Starfield details

Jul 16, 2023, 11:13 AM UTC
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Bethesda Studios' Emil Pagliarulo confirms Todd Howard as the sole authorized source for unreleased Starfield details
(Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks)

In a recent Twitter thread, Emil Pagliarulo, the studio design director at Bethesda Studios, addressed the mounting curiosity surrounding the highly-anticipated game, Starfield. Pagliarulo revealed that he and his team are bound by non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and are therefore unable to provide any insights into the game’s content or performance. He emphasized that only Todd Howard, the renowned Bethesda boss, has the authority to share unreleased game information publicly. Pagliarulo’s candid statements shed light on the strict confidentiality measures surrounding Starfield, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further announcements from Howard and the Bethesda PR/marketing/community team.

Acknowledging the enthusiasm and inquiries from the Starfield community, Pagliarulo expressed his gratitude for the fans’ support and revealed the restrictions preventing him from engaging in discussions about the game. Citing his professional obligations and the fear of potential repercussions, Pagliarulo emphasized that he is unable to provide answers to the majority of fans’ questions due to the binding NDA.

The immense anticipation surrounding Starfield has led to a surge in queries from eager fans. However, Pagliarulo’s role is limited to the studio design aspect of the game, and he cannot provide any insights into its content, performance, or other related topics. Despite the disappointment in not being able to satiate fans’ curiosity, Pagliarulo expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming support, acknowledging the profound impact fans have on the development team.

Pagliarulo emphasized that Todd Howard, the esteemed figurehead of Bethesda Studios, holds the exclusive authority to reveal unreleased information about Starfield. In doing so, Pagliarulo redirected fans to Howard and the dedicated PR/marketing/community team who are responsible for communicating official updates and details to the public. This clear delineation ensures that the flow of information remains controlled and consistent.

In a separate development, court documents shared during the ongoing dispute between the US Federal Trade Commission and Microsoft shed light on the company’s strategic decision to make Starfield and Indiana Jones Xbox console exclusives. Initially, Microsoft had anticipated both titles to sell 10 million units on PlayStation consoles. However, the subsequent exclusivity announcement indicates a shift in their approach, prioritizing the Xbox platform for these highly anticipated games.

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