Titan, a professional email suite, receives a $30 million investment from Automattic

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Titan, a professional email suite, receives a $30 million investment from Automatic
Courtesy of Automatic (via Twitter)

Automatic (the company behind WordPress.com, WordPress VIP, Jetpack, WooCommerce, and more) has almost invested $30 million in Titan, a professional email suite offering a white-labeled email solution for customers, Titan, an email suite founded by Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and Founder of Titan.email and Flock.

“Email is used by over 1/6th of the global population for work, yet very little innovation has happened in business email over the last two decades,” said Bhavin, Founder, and CEO of Titan. “In Titan, we’ve built a platform specifically designed for professionals and businesses with features that drive their goals – streamlining workflows, automating tasks, and making conversations richer and more contextual .”


Titan is a next-generation email platform designed to enable businesses to build closer relationships with their customers. Titan is available to customers exclusively through its partnerships with leading web-presence providers, including web-hosting, domains, and site-builder companies. Founded by Bhavin Turakhia (CEO), Titan is part of Nova group, which also owns and operates Flock.

Titan, a professional email suite, receives a $30 million investment from Automatic
Courtesy of Titan.email

In the last several years, WordPress.com’s marketing has become increasingly targeted towards small companies, with a strong push for users to generate money by selling products on their websites. Titan makes sense as a supporting product that legitimizes any organization with a custom branded email address, and it’s easy to understand why.


A three-month free trial of Titan-powered email services is available to customers who have registered, transferred, or mapped a custom domain using WordPress.com.

Titan, a professional email suite, receives a $30 million investment from Automatic

“We are excited to make our largest strategic investment to date in Titan, and we are working to integrate it deeply on WordPress.com as a tool to help customers build a professional brand online,” said Matt Mullenweg, founder, and CEO of Automattic. “We believe in Titan’s potential to create a world-class suite of productivity tools that offer a dashboard, customized user experience, in which it gives users and partners ownership and control over their personal data.”

Setting up unique branded email addresses separately would be inconvenient, and most clients with custom domains would be better served integrating email services with their existing WordPress.com setup.


As a result, WordPress.com can become more of a one-stop-shop for business needs. Because people are hesitant to switch email providers, Titan has the effect of making WordPress.com’s goods a more sticky subscription that would take some work to duplicate elsewhere.

Titan has over 100,000 small company customers after only two years. Titan plans to expand its customer base by working with popular hosting services, domain registrars, and site builders, in addition to its partnerships with WordPress.com, HostGator, NameSilo, and other web providers.

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