TinyTAN is Back! Experience new TinyTAN chat theme on Messenger and Instagram

Jun 27, 2021, 11:51 AM UTC
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TinyTAN chat theme
© 2021 BIGHIT MUSIC / HYBE. All Rights Reserved

Facebook has been introduced the TinyTAN chat theme in November 2020 for Messenger and Instagram, featuring seven members of BTS characters. See how to activate the TinyTAN chat theme on Messenger and Instagram.

TinyTAN chat theme
© 2021 BIGHIT MUSIC / HYBE. All Rights Reserved

Get the second launch of the TinyTAN chat theme experience on Instagram and Messenger inspired by BTS’ record-breaking hit song “Dynamite.” The new TinyTAN chat theme features whimsical musical notes and flowers are the perfect backdrops for discussing summer plans with your friends and reminiscing over your favorite songs. You can even bring a little extra flair to your TinyTAN chat theme by customizable reactions like ????, ⭐and ????.

Messenger users can download the sticker pack of “TinyTAN – Dynamite” from here, or tap the smiley face in the text field and search for “TinyTAN – Dynamite.” In this sticker pack, you can start your conversations with BTS’s best dance moves.

You can activate the TinyTAN – Dynamite chat theme on Messenger and in Instagram DMs by accessing your chat settings, tapping “Theme” and selecting “TinyTAN – Dynamite.” If you don’t see, make sure you have updated your Messenger and Instagram with the latest version.

TinyTAN chat theme
© 2021 BIGHIT MUSIC / HYBE. All Rights Reserved

About TinyTAN

TinyTAN chat theme made with distinct personalities that spring from the identity of the BTM members with their own narrative universe that brings the characters through the boundaries of reality and imagination through the “Magic Door.”

You may express your love with heart emojis, share the most lovable songs from the new album, and even personalize your message reactions in your ideal TinyTAN chat theme room.

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