Tinder introduces video selfies for photo verification

Apr 26, 2023, 2:19 PM UTC
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Tinder introduces video selfies for photo verification
(Image Credit: Tinder)

Tinder, the popular dating app, yesterday announced a new feature that aims to enhance the safety and security of its users by requiring video selfies for photo verification. This move is a response to the growing number of dating scams and catfishing incidents reported on the platform.

Photo verification has been a feature on Tinder for a while, but it has been easy to fake, and scammers have been using it to trick unsuspecting users. With video selfies, the platform is raising the bar and making it more difficult for fake profiles to pass the verification process.

To use the feature, users just need to record a short video of themselves using the app’s front camera. The app will then cross-check the video selfie with the user’s profile photos to ensure they match. If the video selfie passes the verification process, the user will receive a blue checkmark, indicating that their profile is genuine.

But the benefits of video selfies go beyond just adding another layer of security. Users who perform the verification process will also be granted access to Tinder’s “Photo Verified Cuties” club. This exclusive club lets users only see other verified profiles and even allows them to ask a match to verify their profile before they can send a message.

This new feature is similar to what Hinge implemented last year to combat fake profiles and scams. However, the move by Tinder is a significant one as it is the largest dating app in the world, with millions of users worldwide. With video selfies, the platform is taking a proactive approach to protect its users from scams and fake profiles.

It is worth noting that while video selfies are a step in the right direction, Tinder is not forcing users to use this feature. Users can still choose to skip the verification process and use the platform as before. Therefore, users should remain vigilant and exercise caution when interacting with other users on the app.

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