TikTok Considers Paywall for Creators Amid Low Payout Complaints

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TikTok Considers Paywall for Creators Amid Low Payout Complaints

TikTok is reportedly developing a paywall feature that would enable creators to charge for some of their videos. While details about the paywall’s specifics are scarce, the move could help influencers directly profit from their most popular clips. In addition to this, the social network is contemplating a revision of its Creator Fund, which has been criticized for its low payouts. The new Creator Fund would require a much larger following but would pay eligible creators more as a result. It might also reward users who create longer videos that make full use of TikTok’s recently increased 10-minute limit.

TikTok has not directly commented on these developments but has expressed its commitment to finding new ways to make the service valuable and rewarding for its creators. The paywall’s launch date is still unknown, but the revamped Creator Fund could be available as early as March. TikTok is currently testing the new funding system in Brazil and France.


However, TikTok’s US growth strategy faces potential obstacles. The company is under fire for alleged links to the Chinese government, and federal and state politicians are pushing to ban the app on government devices. The allegations could quickly undermine any efforts to expand its American user base, and TikTok’s CEO is set to testify before a House committee in March. Nonetheless, introducing a paywall and improving the Creator Fund could help keep social media stars posting videos on TikTok and prevent them from migrating to rival platforms like Instagram or Snapchat. While TikTok’s American audience leveled off in 2022 after surging during the pandemic, these new measures could help sustain the app’s popularity and keep creators engaged.