Get The Complete American Sign Language Bundle at just $19 (90% off)

Learn to Sign & Understand 500+ Basic Vocabulary Signs in American Sign Language, Dialogues Included

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Get The Complete American Sign Language Bundle at just $19 (90% off)

The best way to learn American Sign Language (ASL), which has many variations like any other language, is to join a course. The Complete American Sign Language Bundle from StackSocial is currently one of the best and most cost-effective solutions to do that. The Complete ASL Bundle usually sells for $199, but it’s just only $19 for a limited time.

The Complete American Sign Language Bundle has everything you need to learn ASL. You will learn, practice, review, and master more than 500+ basic and fundamental ASL signs in this course. You will be learned the signs in groups of ten for each category. In a separate video lesson, each vocabulary sign is discussed separately.

The course will explore hand shape, hand position, and hand motion for each sign. Then, there will be a two-part review: (1) Signing and (2) Understanding. Once you’ve learned all of the signs in a category, it’ll have a nice, big, juicy test covering everything. Just like the review lessons, you’ll be tested in two parts: (1) Signing and (2) Understanding. It’s a great opportunity to show off your new skills!

With this complete ASL bundle, you’ll learn:

  • Correctly sign over five hundred (500+) essential ASL signs
  • Understand and recognize over five hundred (500+) signs
  • Correctly sign & understand YES/NO and WH questions in ASL
  • Use vocabulary & sentence structures to create their own ASL sentences.
  • Be more confident signing & understanding with other signers and the Deaf community

If you already knew the ASL alphabet very well and can go on a simple conversation. The Complete American Sign Language Bundle will still be valuable for you in that situation. You can learn how to sign a lot of possible emotions in the more advanced lessons included in the bundle.

So go for it because the offer will expire in 5 days. Grab the Complete ASL bundle for only $19 (regularly $199).

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