The Beam Virgo Helmet sets a new standard for e-bike riders

Jun 1, 2023, 9:37 AM UTC
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As the popularity of e-bikes continues to soar, so does the need for advanced safety gear that caters specifically to the demands of this new breed of riders. Recognizing this emerging trend, The Beam, a pioneering French company, has collaborated with VirgoMove to create a revolutionary helmet called the Virgo. With its futuristic design and cutting-edge features, this full-face helmet aims to set a new benchmark for safety in the e-bike community.

While full-face helmets have long been favored by mountain bikers and enduro riders, the surge in powerful e-bikes has catalyzed a demand for stronger and more durable gear. This shift in consumer preferences suggests that e-bike-specific full-face helmets might soon become commonplace within the cycling community.

Among the pioneers in this market, The Beam has joined forces with VirgoMove to develop an exceptional helmet tailored to e-bike and speed-pedelec riders. Notably, the Virgo helmet has received certification according to the Dutch standard NTA8776, which specifically caters to e-bikes. With its claim of being “the safest cycling helmet for e-bikes,” The Beam aims to provide enhanced safety and protection to riders, acknowledging the distinct requirements and potential risks associated with these faster and more powerful modes of transportation.

The notion that full-face helmets can be heavy and hot is not unfounded. However, The Beam and VirgoMove have employed state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the Virgo helmet maintains a lightweight profile. Crafted from a durable ABS plastic shell combined with a lightweight EPS foam core, the helmet incorporates a thin reinforced chin bar seamlessly integrated between the ABS and EPS layers. This design strikes a balance between impact protection and flexibility, optimizing safety for e-bike and speed-pedelec riders.

The Virgo helmet offers riders three visor options that can be effortlessly attached using magnets. These visors, available in mirrored, smoke shaded, and clear lenses, offer crucial eye protection in diverse weather conditions. Additionally, the Virgo features a magnetic attachment at the rear, enabling users to conveniently attach or detach a removable taillight. This rechargeable taillight, equipped with an accelerometer brake light function, significantly enhances rider visibility during both daytime and nighttime rides.

Currently available for backing on Kickstarter until the end of June, the Virgo e-bike full-face helmet presents two options for purchase. The first option, priced at approximately $99 USD with super-early-bird pricing, does not include additional anti-rotational protection. The second option, priced at around $129 USD, emerges as the most advantageous deal, encompassing an integrated MIPS Evolve Core liner.

The Beam Virgo Helmet sets a new standard for e-bike riders
(Image Credit: The Beam/Kickstarter)

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