Tetris Effect: Connected multiplayer mode coming to PS4 this July

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Tetris Effect: Connected multiplayer mode coming to PS4 this July

Starting this July, the PS4 owners of Tetris Effect will get a free update to make this game from Tetris Effect to Tetris Effect: Connected without any cost, and it will also be playable on PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility. Tetris Effect: Connected already available Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One, and PC from Microsoft Store and also available with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

There’s a little story behind this renamed, Tetris Effect which was released worldwide for the PS4 on November 9, 2018, and it also supports PS VR. On July 23, 2019, Tetris Effect was released for Microsoft Windows to support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Later that time, the game was popular and listed in the Game of the Year by several publications. After that, this game announced in an enhanced version and named “Tetris Effect: Connected” to make it announced for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Series S, and Windows 10 during the Xbox Game Showcase on July 23, 2020, and the game was released on November 10, 2020.


According to the PlayStation report, Tetris Effect: Connected will be playable on PS VR at no extra cost who owned Tetris Effect. Check out the following details on upcoming updates to Tetris Effect which renaming to Tetris Effect: Connected which support multiplayer mode:

Form a three-player team to try and defeat A.I.-controlled Bosses (or player-controlled Bosses, during the Full Moon 24-hour event every weekend)—connect your Matrices as you all enter the Zone and clear Lines together to deal massive damage.

Zone Battle
A one-on-one competition played with standard Tetris Effect settings, with the key to victory being adept use of the time-stopping Zone mechanic. This mode is a great way to test out the skills you’ve built up in single-player.


Score Attack
Another one-on-one competition played with standard Tetris Effect settings, only here no Line Attacks are exchanged. If your score is higher than your opponent’s when both games end, you win. Think of it as “single-player competitive Tetris.”

Classic Score Attack
A one-on-one score attack competition played using old-school Tetris settings, so no Hard Drops, no ability to Hold a Tetrimino, only one Tetrimino showed in the Next Queue, Tetriminos spin a bit differently—they LockDown immediately when they touch a surface, etc. This unforgiving version of Tetris is what’s used for pro competitions such as the annual Classic Tetris World Championship.

Cross-Platform Play
Invite PlayStation friends to Multiplayer matches directly as always, or share the four-digit alphanumeric Room ID code to challenge friends on whatever platform they game on! (If you’re a streamer and want to keep out uninvited guests, don’t worry — you can easily opt to hide your Room ID from the UI). And unless you opt-out of it via the Options, Ranked Matches will also bring in players from all platforms, all over the world, for a larger player base and a better chance you can get matched with an opponent near your skill level.


Spectator Mode
Only available in Friend Matches, game sessions can include between four to six (depending on the game mode) spectators who can watch and even emote in real-time (via the right stick) along to the action.

PAL Speed (Classic Score Attack Mode, Friend, and Local Matches Only)
This Classic Score Attack mode option recreates aspects of the beloved European version of the old 8-bit game—the pieces move left and right slightly faster, the kill screen hits at level 19 (compared to level 29 in the NTSC version), and other nostalgic details are all included.

Slow Speed (Zone Battle Mode, Friend and Local Matches Only)
This aptly-named option plays slower due to increased entry delay (i.e. the time between when a Tetrimino locks into place, and when the next one enters the Matrix) and slightly slower Tetrimino movements. This means a whole new challenge for Zone Battle pros, who must now use a different strategy altogether since they can’t rely on just raw drop speed anymore.

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