Save up to $300 on TENWAYS’ city commuter series e-bikes for a limited time

Jul 21, 2023, 5:09 PM UTC
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Save up to $300 on TENWAYS' city commuter series e-bikes for a limited time
Featuring TENWAYS CGO600 Pro. (Image credit: TENWAYS)

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As the urban landscape continues to evolve, so does the need for efficient and sustainable transportation options. Embracing this trend, TENWAYS, a leading electric bike manufacturer, is setting new standards with its city commuter series e-bikes. Offering a perfect blend of style, performance, and convenience, these e-bikes have caught the attention of commuters and enthusiasts alike. Now, with a limited-time offer, TENWAYS is presenting an unmissable opportunity to save up to $300 on their city commuter series e-bikes.

TENWAYS is making a bold statement with its latest promotion – unrivaled discounts on their city commuter e-bike series. The affordable model, the CGO600 e-bike with a free Pannier Bag (worth $69), stands out with a staggering $300 price reduction, now available at just $1,499, down from its regular price of $1,799. Additionally, the CGO600 Pro and CGO800S e-bikes are enjoying $200 off each, making these premium e-bikes even more appealing.


The CGO600 electric bike by TENWAYS represents the pinnacle of modern e-bike design. Its sleek appearance is matched only by its smooth and quiet performance, made possible by the Gates Carbon Belt Drive system. This innovative technology eliminates the need for traditional gears, derailleurs, cables, and shifters, significantly reducing maintenance requirements.

Exclusive Christmas Savings: €100 off the TENWAYS CGO600 E-Bike with free gifts and accessories
CGO600 is only available in Midnight Black. (Image credit: TENWAYS)

Powering the CGO600 is a 250W rear motor, complemented by a torque sensor that delivers power more seamlessly compared to the cadence sensors found in cheaper electric bikes. With three assist levels to choose from, riders can effortlessly adjust the level of assistance based on their preferences or the terrain they encounter.

The integration of the battery is another marvel of engineering. Offering up to 43 miles of range, the battery can be fully charged in just 2.5 hours. Moreover, at a mere 33 lbs (excluding accessories), the CGO600 sets a new standard for lightweight, road-style electric bikes, ensuring an enjoyable and agile ride.


Building on the success of the CGO600, TENWAYS introduces the CGO600 PRO, a remarkable addition to their e-bike lineup. Enhancing versatility and convenience, this model features a removable battery and an integrated front light into the frame. Riders seeking a more relaxed riding position will appreciate the fully adjustable handlebar design, catering to various preferences.

TENWAYS CGO600 Pro - Avocado Green
CGO600 PRO is available in Avocado Green, Sky Blue, Midnight Black, and Pebble Grey. (Image credit: TENWAYS)

The CGO600 PRO’s 360Wh removable battery extends the range to an impressive 53 miles, providing even more freedom to explore the city without worrying about recharging. At just 37 lbs, it remains remarkably lightweight, even with the fully removable battery.


For urban commuters prioritizing comfort, the CGO800S e-bike emerges as the prime choice. With its low-slung riding position, navigating city streets becomes an absolute pleasure. Boasting an improved range of up to 53 miles, this e-bike ensures extended journeys without compromising on comfort.

TENWAYS CGO800S E-Bike: Ride in style with free accessories and gifts
CGO800S is available in Sky Blue, Midnight Black, and Pebble Grey. (Image credit: TENWAYS)

The CGO800S incorporates a special front suspension fork, effectively cushioning any bumps encountered on uneven road surfaces. Its detailed LCD display offers comprehensive directions and crucial information like speed and battery life, seamlessly integrating with the TENWAYS app for additional features.

Safety remains paramount in the design of the CGO800S, as evidenced by its rear turning indicators that illuminate red, enhancing visibility during nighttime rides. Moreover, the ergonomically designed saddle ensures maximum comfort during prolonged commutes.

Disclaimer: Prices and promotions mentioned in this article are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change based on the retailers’ discretion. Please verify the current offer before making a purchase.

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