Telegram November update brings hyper-speed scrolling, join requests, global chat themes, and more

Nov 3, 2021, 8:25 PM EDT
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Telegram November update brings hyper-speed scrolling, join requests, global chat themes, and more
Image Courtesy: Telegram

The latest November updates for Telegram provide hyper-speed scrolling for shared media, Telegram users can now drag up and down through shared media at even faster speeds, and users can also experience smooth zoom in and out of the gallery on their phones. Users may now quickly see media from specific dates and times by tapping on the date bar, which opens a calendar interface with media previews for each day, then tapping on that day to access all of the media from that specific period. Telegram has now added a filter to shared media, allowing users to view only photos, only videos, or both.

Join Request for groups and channels is also included in the November release. Invite links to allow you to give users the option of joining your group or channel at their leisure, where you may share the link privately or transform it into a QR code. There is now a Request Admin Approval setting when creating additional invite links for your chat, giving admins more control over who may join and see the conversation.


When a user clicks on a link that has Admin Approval enabled, they will see a button to send a join request, which admins may manage from a new bar at the top of the conversation. Admins can then review an applicant’s public profile images and bio before approving or rejecting their request.

Any link in the “Additional Invite Links” section can be given Admin Approval. Telegram has now added the ability to give each of those connections a unique name, allowing users to identify them for better organization.

Telegram also introduces global chat themes for iOS, with each theme now including a day and night mode, a colorful animated background, and gradient message bubbles. Users can also personalize their experience by tweaking the colors or changing the patterns. Users can access more options and custom settings from “Chat Themes” to edit and share their creations.


Telegram now lets users convert their type text into caption when they attach media that means users don’t need to retype the caption again or cut or paste. According to Telegram, this will also work with Cloud Drafts, so users can type up the message on their computer, then attach the photo from their phone and send it all together.

Telegram also revamped its Settings for iOS 15 matches, including streamlined Notification and Stickers settings, as part of these upgrades. With updated icons, the Devices section now provides a clearer overview of your sessions; simply tap any device to get additional details or log out remotely.

At last, Telegram also added new interactive emoji including ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? or ???? in any private chat then tap to see the full-screen effect.

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