Valve released an updated Steam Mobile app with a QR code login

Oct 13, 2022, 7:10 PM EDT
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Valve released an updated Steam Mobile app with a QR code login
(Image Credit: Valve Corporation)

Folks can finally say goodbye to the clunky and dated Steam Mobile app. Valve has released a redesigned version of its Steam Mobile app for Android and iOS that has been in testing since at least August of this year. When looking for beta testers for the app, the game developer stated that it was rebuilt “on a new framework and modernized the design.” It has also bundled new features into the app, such as the ability to log in using QR codes.

The new sign-in method allows you to access your Steam account without entering your username or password. It verifies your identity by using the two-factor authentication credentials stored on your phone.

If you use Steam’s QR sign-in method, after scanning the code with your phone, the app will display a confirmation page with details, such as a map with the approximate location of the device you’re signing into. This ensures that you are approving your own login attempt.


Sometimes when you prefer to log in with your username and password, the app will still prompt you to accept or deny the sign-in attempt. And, if you want to make sure no device is linked to your account that shouldn’t be, you can now review and, if necessary, revoke access on the Authorized Devices page.

The new Steam Mobile app now shows all of your games in your Library. When you click on a game’s cover image in the list, you’ll see two options: one to remotely download the game to your PC and another to uninstall it.

Some new features include an improved mobile store browsing experience and customizable Steam notifications for sales, trades, friend requests, and other categories. Valve is also working on bringing QR sign-in to the Steam Deck and adding the Authorized Devices page to the Steam Client and browser, according to its announcement post.

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