Starlink Tests New Global Roaming Service for Satellite Internet

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Starlink Tests New Global Roaming Service for Satellite Internet
(Image Credit: Starlink/SpaceX)

Starlink, the satellite internet provider owned by SpaceX, is testing a new service called “Global Roaming Service,” which promises to provide internet connectivity from almost anywhere on land in the world. However, the service comes with a hefty price tag of $200 per month in addition to the base $599 Starlink Kit.

The Global Roaming Service uses Starlink’s inter-satellite links or space lasers to provide connectivity around the globe. But, there is a catch. In its message to users, Starlink warns that the service comes with “brief periods of poor connectivity or none at all.” Nevertheless, Starlink assures its customers that the connectivity issues will improve over time.


Starlink’s promise of providing internet from nearly anywhere raises questions about how the company will deliver the service. The company is still awaiting regulatory approval in several countries, including India, Pakistan, and Cambodia, and is completely unavailable in others. Despite this, reports indicate that Starlink is already offering the Global Roaming service to some users outside the company’s coverage areas, such as in Greenland.

The existing Starlink RV plan, which costs $135 per month, enables users to equip their RVs with Starlink’s hardware for internet access while traveling, but the service is only available in certain parts of the world. The $25 per month Portability add-on for residential customers only allows them to take their Dishy with them if they travel within their home continent and requires them to change their permanent address if they spend an extended period away from home. Meanwhile, the Maritime plan, which costs $5,000 per month, is available for users who want internet access at sea.


Starlink’s Global Roaming plan appears to be a more comprehensive solution for users who want to travel the world with the company’s satellite internet. Users can pause the service at any time, and it is still unclear whether Starlink will prioritize internet access for users who sign up for the plan.

It is worth noting that Starlink requires customers outside the US to act as the Importer of Record for the Starlink Kit. This means they will have to ensure that the kit complies with local laws and regulations and pay customs duties and import taxes.

Starlink’s new Global Roaming Service is an exciting development that promises to revolutionize satellite internet connectivity for travelers. However, the high price tag and limited availability in certain parts of the world may limit its appeal to some customers. Nevertheless, as Starlink continues to improve its services and expand its coverage, the Global Roaming Service could become an indispensable tool for global nomads who need reliable internet access anywhere they go.