Spotify launched “Live Events Feed” that helps you find all live events in your area

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Spotify launched “Live Events Feed” that helps you find all live events in your area
(Credit: Spotify)

Spotify yesterday launched a replacement for its Content Hub with the new feature in its app called “Live Events Feed” that lets you find the upcoming event from your favorite creator’s events in your local area and it is personalized to you.

Spotify getting all source lists from its partner, including Ticketmaster, AXS, DICE, Eventbrite, See Tickets, Songkick, and more. Besides that, Spotify also launching a new place within the app to help your stay up to date with upcoming events in your area from the artists you love.

“Live Events Feed will help make you even more aware of events you might be interested in, and help you to make more confident decisions when purchasing tickets—all by putting the right event in the hands of the right fan at the right moment,” said audio streaming platform.

“To further learn about how the feed will work, we sat down with René Volker, Senior Director of Live Events, and Sam Sheridan, Product Manager for Live Events Discovery,” Spotify adds. Read all Questionaire and answers on the Spotify blog.

The new Live Events Feed can be accessible in the Spotify app in the Search tab.

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