The Sony Project Q handheld leaks are finally here!

Jul 22, 2023, 6:05 PM UTC
3 mins read
The Sony Project Q handheld leaks are finally here!
(Leaked image via Imgur)

Sony‘s upcoming Project Q handheld game-streaming device has remained shrouded in mystery, leaving gaming enthusiasts and tech aficionados eager for any glimpse into its features and capabilities. Recently, a leaked video surfaced on Twitter, posted by Zuby_Tech and subsequently shared on Reddit and Imgur, offering a tantalizing peek at the device’s inner workings. In the video, a basic version of the Android operating system can be seen running on a plastic-wrapped prototype, showcasing a simple menu system and a mysterious QR code. While it is essential to remember that this likely does not represent the final version of the handheld, the video offers valuable insights into the underlying technology powering this innovative gaming gadget.

The leaked video begins with a close-up view of the Sony Project Q handheld device, meticulously encased in protective plastic. As the anonymous individual behind the camera navigates through the menu system, viewers catch a glimpse of the device’s user interface. However, it’s essential to exercise caution when drawing conclusions about the final design from this early footage, as the user interface is likely to undergo further refinement before the device hits the market.

The handheld is then gently rolled over, allowing the audience to inspect its top, back, and bottom sections. Despite the video’s low resolution, a few noteworthy features come to light. On the top portion of the device, four discreet buttons can be discerned, hinting at possible control mechanisms for gaming and navigation. Additionally, centered holes along the top and bottom edges of the tablet raise speculation about their purpose, with some suggesting they may house microphones for voice commands or other input functionalities.

An examination of the top edge also reveals what appear to be speaker slots, suggesting that the Sony Project Q handheld may deliver immersive audio experiences to complement its gaming capabilities. This potential inclusion reinforces Sony’s reputation for delivering high-quality audio in its products, which could be a game-changer for the handheld gaming industry.

In a separate tweet by Zuby_Tech, a revealing image showcases the Sony Project Q tablet with its screen removed, exposing the inner framework and some of its electronic components. While the image does not divulge the full extent of the device’s technical specifications, it does provide an intriguing glimpse into the hardware powering this innovative gaming device.

As we eagerly dissect the image, it becomes apparent that the device’s internals have been meticulously organized to maximize performance and efficiency. Sony’s engineering prowess is evident in the arrangement of components, suggesting a well-thought-out design intended to deliver seamless gaming experiences. Though specifics regarding the processor, RAM, and other crucial hardware remain elusive, this sneak peek is enough to keep enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation.

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