Snapchat now lets you share Bitmoji Outfits in the app

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Snapchat now lets you share Bitmoji Outfits in the app
(Source: Snapchat)

Snapchat has added a new feature that allows users to share Bitmoji outfits with their friends in the app, allowing them to try on the same virtual outfit on their characters. As you can see in the above image, your Bitmoji update screen now has a ‘Share Outfit’ option, which allows you to share your outfit options with a friend to check out.

While NFTs have gotten a lot of attention in the evolving digital goods space, the smart money is on digital clothing and virtual outfits for online avatars, which, if the Metaverse becomes the next plain of interaction as Mark Zuckerberg and others predict, will be a far more critical, relevant, and popular element.

In addition, Snapchat is launching a new range of Bitmoji clothing from Converse, which will join existing brands such as Nike, Crocs, and others.

All of this is part of Snapchat’s bigger plan to build a virtual clothing marketplace that will someday be linked to real-world things.


Snap received a patent in 2020 that detailed how its Bitmoji fashion process would involve Snap partnering with a number of fashion businesses to provide Bitmoji versions of their products. This would then enable a variety of fresh wardrobe options for your avatar in the app, as well as allow brands to exhibit their latest products in a fun, interactive way.

The appeal of online and real-world goods sales is powerful, and it will undoubtedly grow in popularity as we get closer to Metaverse’s future.

That’s why Snap’s innovation is so clever and straightforward. The ability to share your digital outfits quickly and simply will assist to increase interest in the choice and create additional promotional opportunities for brands.


It’s a good improvement, which Snap has been used to releasing in order to stay competitive with the larger companies in the market.

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