Snap announced new Spectacles glasses featuring AR

May 21, 2021, 11:36 AM EDT
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Snap announced new Spectacles glasses featuring AR

Snap announced its fourth generation of Spectacles glasses feature augmented reality (AR) and also features a Dual 3D waveguide display and a 26.3-degree field of view overlay lenses.

The new Spectacles powered by Snap Spatial Engine feature six degrees of freedom and hand, marker, and surface tracking. Lenses react quickly and appear accurately in your field of view with the 15-millisecond motion to photon latency, and the display dynamically adjusts up to 2000 Nits of brightness to explore AR indoors or outside. Spectacles feature 2 RGB cameras, 4 built-in microphones, 2 stereo speakers, and a touchpad to provide a multi-sensorial experience.


Spectacles weigh just 134 grams, so creators can bring AR anywhere for approximately 30 minutes per charge. The Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 Platform unlocks the maximum processing power within Spectacles’ lightweight, wearable design.

The temple’s touchpad helps creators interact with the Spectacles display and launches the Lens Carousel. The right button activates Scan, understanding what’s in the field of view and suggesting relevant Lenses based on the world around you. Voice Scan also empowers creators to say a command to launch Lenses, completely hands-free. The left button captures 10-second Snaps of Lenses overlaid on the world, so creators can send Snaps right from Spectacles.

Snap says, “Spectacles are fully integrated with Lens Studio, our powerful desktop application designed for creators and developers to build and publish Lenses across our Snap AR platform. Through Lens Studio, creators can wirelessly push Lenses to Spectacles for rapid testing and iteration, in real-time.”

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