Shalev Hulio, CEO of NSO Group, is stepping down

Aug 21, 2022, 11:32 PM EDT
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Shalev Hulio, CEO of NSO Group, is stepping down
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Israeli spyware company NSO Group said on Sunday that Shalev Hulio, its CEO, is stepping down with immediate effect. Yaron Shohat, the company’s COO, has been chosen to lead a reorganization before a successor is named.

According to a source within the company, approximately 100 people will be let go as part of the company’s reorganization, and Shohat will serve as CEO up until the board names a new one.

The spyware company that creates Pegasus software has been dealing with legal action as a result of claims that governments and other organizations used its capabilities illegally to hack mobile phones.


NSO has stated that its technology is marketed to “vetted and legitimate” government clients and is meant to help catch terrorists, pedophiles, and hardened criminals, though it protects the secrecy of its client list.

Because of the company’s cutting-edge technology and proven ability to help its clients fight crime and terrorism, governments and law enforcement agencies continue to place a high value on its goods, according to a statement from Shohat.

“NSO will ensure that the company’s groundbreaking technologies are used for rightful and worthy purposes,” he added.

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