Score a $10 Amazon Gift Card For Free Ahead Of Prime Day 2022 by Completing Simple Tasks

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Score a $10 Amazon Gift Card For Free Ahead Of Prime Day 2022 by Completing Simple Tasks
(Credit: Amazon)

Ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2022 Sale, Amazon hosting a promotion where Prime members can earn a free $10 Amazon Gift Card by just completing four easy tasks from now through July 13, 2022. Before you access these tasks, you must have an active Prime membership or a new Prime member, without Prime you won’t be able to complete these tasks.

So, Join Prime at $14.99/month (or $139 annually), or Sign Up for the Amazon Prime Free Trial for 30-days, or if you’re a student enjoy Prime Student for 6 months at no cost, then $7.49/month (or $69 annually) and that’s the half the price of standard Prime subscription.

Once you become a Prime member, go to the Amazon website to collect a Prime stampcard, there you will see four different tasks covered by the Prime stampcard.

Here are the four tasks that you need to complete to earn a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

You need to complete those four tasks before July 13, 2022, and you will receive a free $10 Amazon Gift Card. That’s the easy task you have to complete.

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