Samsung’s announced new power efficiency PMICs S2FPD01, S2FPD02

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Samsung’s announced new power efficiency PMICs S2FPD01, S2FPD02
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Samsung Electronics today announced the S2FPD01, S2FPD02, and S2FPC01, two new industry-first integrated power management ICs (PMICs) for the fifth-generation double data rate (DDR5) dual in-line memory module (DIMM). The new PMICs, S2FPD01, and S2FPD02 can run and avoid overheating inside the memory module with more than 90% energy efficiency, while the S2FPC01 provides power-saving to the PC DRAM module in a compact form factor.

The improvement over previous Gen DRAM is that the PMIC can now be integrated into the memory module rather than being mounted on the motherboard, resulting in improved compatibility, signal integrity, and more stable sustained performance.

Samsung’s latest DDR5 PMICs feature a high-power hybrid gate driver and a proprietary control design that improves performance efficiency and load-transient responses (asynchronous-based dual-phase buck control scheme). This scheme allows the DC voltage to step down from high to low with a quick transient response to changes in the output load current and then adapts the conversion to keep the output voltage near-constant. Both pulse width and pulse frequency modulation methods are used in the control scheme, avoiding delays and malfunctions when switching modes.

Samsung’s other latest PMIC, the S2FPC01, is designed for use on desktop and laptop computers. The PMIC solution, which is based on a 90-nanometer (nm) process node, provides more agile performance in a smaller package. While Samsung’s latest DDR5 DIMM PMIC solutions, the S2FPD01 and S2FPD02, help data centers and enterprise servers run-heavy analytics, machine and deep learning, and other computing tasks in real-time, the FPD01 is designed for low-density modules, while the FPD02 is designed for higher density modules.

Samsung has been said that new DDR5 DIMM power management ICs, the S2FPD01, S2FPD02, and S2FPC01, are currently being sampled to customers.

“With enhanced power efficiency and low output ripple voltage, the new PMICs S2FPD01, S2FPD02 and S2FPC01 allow data centers, enterprise servers, and PC applications to take full advantage of their DDR5 performance for highly demanding, memory-intensive tasks,” said Harry Cho, vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics.

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