Galaxy S23 FE leak suggests potential drawback in wireless charging speed

Jul 30, 2023, 3:51 PM UTC
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Galaxy S23 FE leak suggests potential drawback in wireless charging speed
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In a recent leak pertaining to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 FE (Fan Edition), a potential downside has emerged, revealing the smartphone’s wireless charging speed might not be up to par. The leak, discovered on the Wireless Power Consortium website — an organization dedicated to promoting wireless charging standards, indicates that the Galaxy S23 FE has been assigned a modest “maximum received power” rating of 4.4 watts. This revelation has sparked concerns that the device may take “three or more hours” to achieve a full charge when utilizing a wireless charger. Regrettably, the leak fails to disclose the estimated charging duration through a USB-C connection.

A leaked photo confirms the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is on its way
Screenshot of Wireless Power Consortium website.

The apparent prolonged charging time raises eyebrows, especially in 2023 when smartphone technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. As a point of comparison, Anker, a renowned power banks and chargers manufacturer asserts that the average phone charging time typically ranges from a speedy 30 minutes to an hour. The disparity between industry norms and the leaked information is evident, leaving tech enthusiasts wondering about the rationale behind such a limitation.

However, it is essential to consider that Samsung may have equipped the Galaxy S23 FE with undisclosed charging enhancements, which could mitigate these concerns. Past experience with the Galaxy S21 FE suggests that Samsung could still implement optimizations, as the previous model supported 15W wireless charging, offering a noticeable improvement over the current leak.

Adding to the intrigue, Justin Hume, Vice-President of Samsung Mobile in South Africa, recently hinted at a potential new Fan Edition device that would bridge the gap between the Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy S23. Although Hume refrained from providing a specific release date, the Wireless Power Consortium registration date of July 25th has led to speculation that Samsung might be preparing to make an official announcement soon. Connecting the dots, it seems probable that the reveal of the Galaxy S23 FE is just around the corner.

The leaked listing also includes an image allegedly depicting the Galaxy S23 FE resting on a desk. Despite the image’s limited quality, it offers a glimpse of the phone’s front, showcasing the bezels around the screen and the buttons situated on the right side. Unfortunately, no photo of the rear was provided, leaving the appearance of the rear lenses shrouded in mystery. Nevertheless, recent renders of the Galaxy S23 FE’s camera system hint at a resemblance to the standard Galaxy S23, further fueling excitement about the upcoming device’s potential photographic capabilities.

As with any pre-launch leaks, readers are advised to approach this information with caution, keeping in mind that unforeseen adjustments might be made before the official release. Considering Justin Hume’s statements and Samsung’s track record of innovation, it is reasonable to anticipate that the Galaxy S23 FE will boast better wireless charging capabilities than suggested by the Wireless Power Consortium listing.

All uncertainties will likely be put to rest once the official announcement is made. Until then, fans and consumers alike eagerly await further updates on Samsung’s budget-friendly powerhouse, hopeful for a truly remarkable device that lives up to its Fan Edition legacy.

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