Samsung wants to develop chips that deliver human-like performance

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Samsung wants to develop chips that deliver human-like performance
Yong-In Park, President and Head of System LSI Business, is giving his keynote speech at Samsung Tech Day 2022. (Photo by Samsung)

At the Samsung Tech Day 2022 event in California on Wednesday, Samsung announced that it will develop processors with “human-like performance.” The company also shared some bold plans for the future of its semiconductor business.

On Wednesday, at its Tech Day event in San Jose, the company stated that it aims to improve the performance of its chips to the point where it can perform human tasks on par with humans.

Samsung System LSI Business, the company’s processor-designing business unit, said it was working with partners to improve the performance of its critical IPs such as neural processing unit, modem, CPU, GPU, and others.


Yong-in Park, the head of Samsung System LSI Business, stated at the event that we live in an “age that requires machines to learn and think as people do,” and that the importance of logic chips, or processors, is growing.

According to Park, the South Korean tech giant offered roughly 900 products in the sector, including SoC, image sensors, modems, display driver ICs, power management ICs, and security chips.

According to the executive, the company will work to converge these diverse arrays of chips in order to provide a complete solution to its customers.

Samsung System LSI was working on further improving its high-resolution image sensors to capture images equal to what the human eye does and will also launch sensors that can act as all five human senses, the tech giant said.


At the event, the logic chip unit unveiled new products such as the 5G Exynos Modem 5300 and the Exynos Auto V920. During the event, Samsung Display also showed off a new display driver IC for quantum dot (QD) OLED panels.