Rumors: Google Pixel 6 may use a Google-powered chip instead of a Qualcomm processor

Apr 4, 2021, 10:20 PM EDT
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Rumors: Google Pixel 6 may use a Google-powered chip instead of a Qualcomm processor

According to the xda-developers, Google will use its own custom-made smartphone chip this fall. Reportedly, Google is working on its own chip for the next Pixel 6 devices and Chromebooks, also long before the report from ETNews and, South Korean-based media reported that Google may be developing its own chip to power the next version of the Pixel phone.

Also, the 9to5Google media found the document that confirmed Google’s upcoming plan for Pixel phone, “In the document, Whitelabel is used in connection with the codename “Slider”, 9to5Google said. “From what we can piece together, we believe that the slider is a shared platform for the first Whitelabel SoC. Internally, Google refers to this chip as “GS101,” with “GS” potentially being short for “Google Silicon,” 9to5Google added.


Reportedly, the Google-powered chip configuration will be an octa-core ARM-based CPU with two Cortex-A78 and four Cortex-A55 cores. Also, it will have an off-the-shelf ARM Mali GPU, and be fabricated on Samsung’s 5nm manufacturing process.

The main benefit of Google switching to a custom chip is no longer relies on Qualcomm driver updates, so Google has full control over its own driver updates, so the consumer gets a long period of software update on their Pixel phones.

According to rumors, new chips may be supported for 5 generations of Android OS updates compared to the current 3 generations of software updates that Pixel phones currently receive.


Also the latest report from rumors, Google is working on new GS101 silicon for its 2021 Pixel phones, this will feature a 3 cluster setup with a TPU. Google also refers to its next Pixel phones as “dauntless-equipped phones”, which refers to having an integrated Titan M security chip (codename “Citadel”.)

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