Roku’s self-made Smart TVs now available at Best Buy stores

Mar 10, 2023, 3:27 PM EST
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Roku's self-made Smart TVs now available at Best Buy stores
(Image Credit: Roku)

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Roku has announced that it is venturing into the world of self-made smart TVs. The company has been working with partners like TCL and Hisense in the past, but at CES, Roku declared its intention to produce its own Roku TVs. And now, the wait is over, as you can buy one of those sets at Best Buy’s stores.


Roku’s three series of TVs are all powered by its streaming platform. The Roku Select Series HD TVs range from 24″ to 40″, while the Roku Select Series 4K TVs come in at 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″, and 75″. The Roku Plus Series 4K TVs range from 55″ to 75″. Roku says Select HD TVs will start at $149, with the potential for a price drop to $120 this summer. Meanwhile, the Plus Series 4K models will start below $500, which is in line with similar offerings from TCL and other partners.

Roku's self-made Smart TVs now available at Best Buy stores
(Image Credit: Roku)

Roku Select Series HD TVs

Roku Select Series 4K TVs

Roku Plus Series 4K TVs

Roku’s VP of retail strategy, Chris Larson, said that the company is focusing on providing features that partners don’t always include. For example, the Select TVs will come with voice-enabled remotes and automatic brightness adjustment (on the Premiere sets). Although Roku remains tight-lipped about its Select TVs, the company’s standard voice remote will be included with both HD and 4K models. However, like most budget-friendly TVs, they’ll rely on edge dimming backlights, so don’t expect to see deep blacks or consistent lighting.


In contrast, the Roku Plus Series 4K offers more advanced features, including QLED panels, local backlight dimming for better contrast, and 4K Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos-approved speakers. They’ll also come with Roku’s rechargeable voice remote. It will be interesting to see how TCL and other partners respond to Roku’s self-made smart TVs. By making voice remotes standard, it’s possible that they will follow suit.

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In addition to releasing its own smart TVs, Roku has also unveiled a Roku OS update. The update will include local news and support for premium subscriptions on Roku’s live channel guide.

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