Would You Really Like To Buy This $119 Razer Head Cushion Chroma

Feb 7, 2022, 8:39 PM EST
2 mins read
Would You Really Like To Buy This $119 Razer Head Cushion Chroma
Credit: Razer

It makes little difference if you have a Razer gaming chair or not because most gaming chairs lack one key feature: RGB lights. The Razer Head Cushion Chroma not only provides additional neck and head support, but it also has Razer Chroma RGB.

Although we all know, Razer Chroma RGB provides 16.8 billion colors, numerous patterns, and dynamic in-game lighting effects would notice the strange light effects unless you move your head to the sides.

Hopefully knowing that the head cushion does light up will give fans a feeling of satisfaction. Only a thought… However, because the device will need to be powered by a portable charger, such as a battery bank, beauty may only be skin deep in this scenario.

So expect a cord running behind the chair, and you’ll need to secure the power bank somewhere. It isn’t flawless. It should have its own battery, which would allow it to function as a power bank.


In any case, Chroma links to your phone or computer via Bluetooth, and you must pair it every time the head cushion turns on. After pairing, you’re ready to begin configuring the Chroma with the Razer Chroma app (for mobile) or Razer Synapse (for PC).

The requirement to pair it every time the cushion powers up, as well as the requirement to be charged by an external power source, appears to be more of a hassle than the eye-catching, which you rarely see. If you want to get this Razer Head Cushion Chroma, it will cost you approximately $119.99 on the Razer website in the United States.

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