Quora introduces two brand new monetization tools for creators

Aug 16, 2021, 4:25 PM EDT
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Quora introduces two brand new monetization tools for creators
Image credit: Quora

Quora now allow every creator to generate revenue by creating and sharing valuable content on Quora through Quora’s Space subscriptions where the creator can choose their price whatever they want and offer a paid monthly or yearly subscription to their most dedicated Space followers. Creators will get 95% of the subscriber’s fees (excluding credit card processing fees) and Quora will take 5%. (Read Quora FAQs)

Quora Space subscription lets creators set some valuable content between “subscribers only,” “adaptive paywall,” and “free.” Quora will be recommending creators to choose the “adaptive paywall” option to share a mix of free and paywall base content to non-subscribers, whereas the “subscribers only” content is only viewable for subscribers.


Creators can also generate revenue through Quora’s new product called Quora+, a paywall content-based subscription that allows their subscribers to pay $5 monthly or $50 yearly fees to access premium content that has been set behind the paywall by author or owner.

All of these subscriber contributions will be given to producers in response to how much each subscriber consumes their work, with a greater share of a subscriber’s contribution going to writers and spaces that the subscriber follows.

On Quora+ content, creators can enable a dynamic paywall, which allows free users access to certain posts if Quora believes they’ll convert to a paid membership; there’s also an “adaptive” paywall option, which uses an algorithm to determine whether to paywall content for a specific user on a case-by-case basis. This is designed to aid producers in striking a balance between monetizing their work and expanding their audience in order to attract new subscribers.


Additionally, creators can generate revenue through Ad revenue sharing, which means when users are engaging with ads on the creator’s space, then the creator will receive the share of revenue generated from those ads.

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