PS5 USB ports encountered overheating issues at Evo 2023 esports tournament

Aug 8, 2023, 2:56 PM UTC
3 mins read
PS5 USB ports encountered overheating issues at Evo 2023 esports tournament
(Photo by Eduardo Cuervo / via X)

At this year’s Evo 2023 fighting game tournament, reports surfaced regarding damaged PS5 USB ports that seemingly melted due to overheating. Attendees and participants took to various social media platforms to express their concerns, shedding light on the potential problems plaguing the event. This unexpected development has raised questions about the robustness of the PS5’s USB ports under the unique and demanding conditions of high-stakes esports tournaments.

Numerous attendees at the Evo 2023 esports tournament found themselves grappling with a perplexing issue: USB accessories mysteriously overheating and melting when connected to the event’s PS5 consoles. One attendee, Eduardo Cuervo, a seasoned AR engineer with experience at Google, Meta, and Microsoft, captured the alarming situation on X (formerly known as Twitter). Cuervo shared an image showcasing a controller’s USB plug with telltale signs of melted plastic, emanating from the PS5’s distinct blue port. Venting his frustration, Cuervo exclaimed, “Mine was not the only controller that [melted] down. This is just terrible. You need to do something about that lack of heat dissipation, especially if you are going to use PS5s in tournaments.”

Cuervo’s post struck a chord with fellow attendees, leading to a flurry of shared experiences and concerns. Reddit user u/SyrupyCereal, recounting their own ordeal, narrated how a seemingly innocuous cable disconnection resulted in a PS5 USB receiver being inadvertently yanked out, rendering their cable and console port unusable. The incident underscored the potential severity of the problem, especially in high-stress tournament scenarios where split-second decisions can make or break a match.

While the exact cause of the reported USB port overheating remains shrouded in mystery, industry experts and event organizers are left to speculate. Notably, this isn’t the first time PS5 systems have been deployed at esports tournaments, making the sudden prevalence of melting ports all the more perplexing. Evo, renowned for its intense and unusual setup with numerous PS5 systems in close proximity, could potentially create conditions that strain the console’s components, including USB ports. These ports, conveniently located next to exhaust vents, are subjected to the constant insertion and removal of USB accessories, compounding the stress they endure.

Intriguingly, some attendees speculated that the use of unsupported USB converters could be a contributing factor to the overheating incidents. As noted by u/xeleion on Reddit, not all USB ports boast equal quality, potentially rendering the console susceptible to damage from incompatible peripherals. Attendees who relied on converters to make their controllers PS5-compatible might unknowingly have exacerbated the issue, further emphasizing the need for comprehensive compatibility testing.

As the reports of melting USB ports sent ripples through the gaming community, some attendees sought to contextualize the situation. Assurances were made that the event’s temperature conditions remained within a comfortable range of 70 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, providing some reassurance that extreme heat was not the sole factor at play. Event organizers, keen on upholding the integrity of the championship rounds, even took precautionary measures by frequently swapping out PS5 units during ad breaks to mitigate potential concerns.

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