Percepio Announced Debugging Boost for Microsoft Azure RTOS Thread X Developers

Nov 25, 2021, 6:54 PM UTC
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Percepio Announced Debugging Boost for Microsoft Azure RTOS Thread X Developers
Logo courtesy: Percepio

Percepio, a Swedish company, has expanded Tracealyzer’s support for Microsoft Azure and Azure RTOS Thread X, two improvements that should make developing and debugging Azure IoT systems easier.

Percepio has integrated its trace recorder in Thread X as part of the enhancements, adding support for streaming recording, in which trace data is transferred continually to the host system and kept there. Users of Thread X can now capture significantly longer program traces, spanning hours or even days, for purposes such as burn-in testing, profiling, or looking for odd faults. Streaming support also provides live visualization, which shows the trace as it is being recorded in real-time.

Tracealyzer has now been improved to work with DevAlert, Percepio’s Azure-based cloud service for monitoring deployed IoT devices. DevAlert users deploying on Azure can now see their device issues in Tracealyzer, as well as download and analyze the linked software traces.

“The increasing importance of IoT data streams calls for observability, all the way into the device software where the data are produced,” said Percepio CEO Johan Kraft. “Microsoft Azure RTOS Thread X provides a solid platform for Azure IoT applications that is growing strongly in capabilities and popularity. We are thrilled to contribute with Tracealyzer, providing improved observability into Azure RTOS applications during development. We are also really excited about the new Azure cloud support in Percepio DevAlert, enabling observability of IoT device issues in the field. This includes early warnings and full insight into the software behavior of deployed devices for safeguarding the data stream and service availability of Azure IoT applications.”

Tony Shakib, general manager of Azure IoT at Microsoft, added: “The new streaming support will be a big debugging boost for Microsoft Azure RTOS Thread X developers, and DevAlert’s Azure support is an important addition to the growing family of services available for Azure.”

The improved Azure support will be available in Tracealyzer v4.6, which will be released soon.

Visual trace diagnostics for embedded and IoT software systems in development and in the field are provided by Percepio. Tracealyzer integrates software tracing with visualizations, allowing developers and testers to visually spot and analyze errors in software recordings. DevAlert is a cloud service that combines automatic, real-time error reporting with visual trace diagnostics enabled by Tracealyzer to monitor deployed IoT devices. For both products, free evaluation licenses are available.

Infineon, NXP Semiconductors, ST Microelectronics, Renesas Electronics, Wind River Systems, and Amazon Web Services are among Percepio’s processor and operating system partners in embedded systems and IoT. The headquarters of the corporation are in Västers, Sweden.

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