Back to School: Get a 2TB/10TB Lifetime Cloud Storage Deal at 80% Off

Pay once and use for a lifetime

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Back to School: Get a 2TB/10TB lifetime Cloud Storage Deal at 80% Off
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The lifetime cloud storage deal return at the Back to School sale hosted by pCloud, a premium cloud storage service now offering the storage-hungry families a 2TB and 10TB lifetime cloud storage deal at 75% off and 80% off respectively. The pCloud’s 2TB lifetime family plan now costs you just $350 (Was $1,400) in the United States while the 10TB lifetime family plan at $1,390 (Was $6,950), and all this at a one-time purchase. Looking for affordable cloud storage, get pCloud’s 500GB lifetime cloud storage at just $175 (Was $500) for a limited time.

The offer will end on August, 31st, 2022.

Both of these cloud storage and their features can be shared with up 5 members, so families can enjoy multiple file sharing options through pCloud, plus synchronization, which means your data is with you anytime. Have files and photos on other platforms such as Dropbox, Facebook (Meta platform), OneDrive, Google Drive, and Google Photos? No problem, you can backup all of these things from mentioned platform easily, so you and your family members can access those data in one place.

pCloud also has an audio and video player built-in, so you can play your media as soon as you upload them to the pCloud storage platform. Talking about security and safety, you don’t have to worry about it, because pCloud uses TLS/SL encryption, it is applied when information is transferred from your device to the pCloud servers.

If you need free 20GB of cloud storage for life, then we recommend you to go with MEGA cloud storage where they offer you the 20GB free cloud storage for a lifetime, and just in case you need more storage you can purchase MEGA’s premium cloud storage starting at just $5.26/month or €4.99/month where you will get 400GB of cloud storage with 1TB of monthly quota transfer limit or you can save more up to 16% on their yearly plans, which now start at $52.69/year or €49.99/year.

So try MEGA for free with 20GB cloud storage or upgrade to premium tiers to get more cloud storage with up to 16TB cloud storage with up to 192TB month quota transfer limit or go with MEGA’s Business Tier with up to 10PB of cloud storage and up to 10PB of monthly quota transfer limit. The business plans can be customized for your usage, so you only pay for how much storage you need.