Multiplayer and single-player modes in Payday 3 mandate an online connection

Jul 17, 2023, 7:44 AM UTC
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Multiplayer and single-player modes in Payday 3 mandate an online connection
(Image credit: Overkill Software/Starbreeze Studios)

In a recent livestream, Starbreeze’s global brand director, Almir Listo, made an announcement that stirred up the gaming community. Payday 3, the highly anticipated sequel offering both multiplayer and single-player modes, will require an online connection to play, regardless of the chosen mode. This decision has triggered a wave of concern and discontent among fans, as it not only raises questions about the game’s long-term availability but also renders physical copies useless in the event of a server shutdown.

When questioned about the possibility of offline play, Listo responded with a resounding “No.” He clarified that while players could enjoy the game in single-player mode, an internet connection would be mandatory due to the utilization of Unreal Engine, cross-progression, and cross-play features. While these technical considerations are understandable, they come at the expense of players’ autonomy and control over their gaming experience.

News of Payday 3‘s always-online requirement quickly spread across social media, prompting an overwhelmingly negative response from the game’s community. The subreddit dedicated to the game became inundated with memes and discussions revolving around the potential risks associated with this decision. Players expressed concerns about the game’s longevity, future support, and the possibility of a server shutdown rendering the game unplayable. Starbreeze will need to address these valid concerns to alleviate the growing discontent among its fanbase.

The decision to impose an always-online requirement presents significant implications for both the preservation of Payday 3 and the player’s ability to enjoy the game over time. Unlike traditional single-player titles that can be played offline indefinitely, the fate of Payday 3 rests solely on the game’s ongoing support and the availability of its servers. Should Starbreeze cease support or face financial difficulties, the game’s servers could potentially be shut down, leaving players unable to access their beloved heisting adventures.

Additionally, the shift towards an always-online model disregards the potential value of physical copies of the game. In a scenario where the servers go offline permanently, physical copies would essentially become obsolete, stripping players of their investment in the game. This development raises concerns about the future of game ownership and consumer rights within the evolving landscape of the gaming industry.

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