Opera browser got 1 billion downloads on Google Play

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Opera browser got 1 billion downloads on Google Play
Image credit: Opera

Opera today share big news about the Opera browser which has just got 1 billion downloads on Google Play. Opera is available on Google Play with multiple browsers for a different choice of needs, also available in multiple beta versions.

“Today, there is increasing demand for better browsers than the default one, and we are humbled that the mobile versions of our browsers have exceeded one billion downloads from Google Play. This means that more than one billion times, people who already had a default browser on their device took the initiative to download one of Opera’s browsers in order to get the best online experience. We see this as profound validation that we are on the right track,” the company said.

Opera browser got 1 billion downloads on Google Play
Image credit: Opera

The Opera browser for Android is a mobile version of the popular Opera browser for desktop computers. It’s lightning-fast and includes a free unlimited VPN, as well as an ad blocker, a crypto wallet, and plenty of other additional capabilities not seen in standard browsers.


Opera Mini was the first alternative browser accessible on what was then known as the Android marketplace in November 2008. Today, millions of users trust Opera Mini for Android, especially in countries where internet access is expensive: it’s the browser that outperforms all others when it comes to data compression, with a compression rate of more than 90%. That’s a 90% reduction in data prices.

Opera Touch for Android was released in April 2017 for individuals who enjoy cutting-edge design, with browser navigation placed to the bottom of the screen for simpler use on large-screen devices. Opera Touch received the Red Dot Award and the IF Design Award Gold for its UX/UI interface.

Opera GX Mobile is the world’s first mobile browser originally created for gamers, with their tastes and preferences in mind. It will be released in June 2021. Opera GX offers access to the distinctive GX Corner, which showcases the latest news and discounts from the gaming world, in addition to conventional Opera browser functions.

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