Oculus Quest 2 Next Update Brings 120Hz, Air Link, Wireless PC VR

Apr 15, 2021, 12:37 PM EDT
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Oculus Quest 2 Next Update Brings 120Hz, Air Link, Wireless PC VR
(Image Credit: Oculus/Meta)

In the v28 software updates for Oculus Quest headsets (now Meta Quest), Oculus will be releasing some new features for Oculus Quest 2 (now Meta Quest 2). This update will include Air Link, which will enable users to play PC VR games wirelessly on the Meta Quest 2, as well as a native 120Hz refresh rate, which will be available in the next update for an ultra-smooth gaming experience.

According to the Meta Quest announcement, Air Link will be supporting as an Experimental Mode on Quest 2, Air Links is part of the v28 software update which requires both your VR headset and PC to be running v28 software. See the Oculus Link requirements.


You can start using Air Link once the v28 software is released, but first, you must download and install the Oculus PC app, then go to Setting > Beta in the PC app to allow Air Link. After that, put on your Quest 2 headset and go to Settings Experimental > Air Link.

Also, Physical surface integration and the ability to monitor your physical keyboard are two new features added to the Infinite Office suite by Meta Quest. You’ll be able to put a virtual desk on your real furniture when the next software update for Meta Quest 2 is released, so you can see and use it while in your home environment.

You can use your desk as a separate seated area to access work tools like Browser with this feature. Your virtual desk boundary is automatically saved and identified, allowing you to start up right where you left off, in addition to integrating with your real world.


Facebook is teaming up with Logitech to introduce a physical keyboard to VR (starting with the Logitech K830), allowing you to type as efficiently in VR as you do in the real world thanks to Bluetooth keyboard tracking.

You’ll be able to comfortably sit at your home desk, pair your Logitech K830 keyboard to your Quest 2, and display a 3D representation of your hands and keyboard inside VR for easy text entry and device navigation while in your home environment with this experimental feature.

Oculus Quest 2 Next Update Brings 120Hz, Air Link, Wireless PC VR
Source: Oculus

Through the Experimental Features panel in your Settings, you’ll be able to unlock your virtual desk and pair your keyboard with Bluetooth pairing. Tracking must be enabled in order to use your keyboard in VR, which you can do by putting on your headset, going to Settings > Device, and activating the Tracking toggle.


Another big software update for Meta Quest 2 adds 120Hz support, allowing you to play games at high frame rates while maintaining smooth gameplay. Users of the Meta Quest 2 can choose the 120Hz option from the experimental panel. Please keep in mind that unless developers make their apps or games compliant with 120Hz refresh rates, not all apps or games can support it. As a result, the Meta Quest 2 system software will continue to run at 90Hz. A 72Hz mode is available for a smooth and comfortable gaming experience.

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