October Xbox update brings 4K dashboard, Xbox night mode, and more

Oct 25, 2021, 11:53 AM UTC
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October Xbox update brings 4K dashboard, Xbox night mode, and more
Courtesy of Xbox

This month’s Xbox update introduces several intriguing and modest features to the Xbox Series X console, including a native 4K dashboard, Xbox night mode, and quick settings, among other things.

The native 4K dashboard, guide, and other menus have been upgraded from 1080p to 4K resolution. When users connect their Xbox Series X console to a compatible 4K display, the dashboard will be natively rendered in 4K, allowing them to enjoy 4K when browsing Home, My Games and Apps, Guide, and many other features. The UI elements on the screen, such as game art buttons, now appear sharper than ever before, with improved text readability.

The Xbox night mode is a collection of settings that modify light sources to assist keep rooms dark at night and enable light-sensitive gamers. Dimming and customizing the light from the linked display, the power button on your controller, and the power light on your console are all options for players. If you appreciate movies, you can now view them in utter darkness, just as in a theatre!

Xbox Night Mode, in addition to dimming, offers a customized blue light filter to your display. This feature is only available on Xbox Series X|S consoles. All of this personalization is available throughout the Xbox system, apps, and games, and has no effect on performance, screenshots, or game clips.

You may also configure a night mode schedule to alternate between the Dark and Light themes. You may manually turn on and off night mode, set it to time with the sunrise and sunset, or make your own schedule.

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Night mode or Settings > TV & display settings > Night mode to begin utilizing Xbox night mode to lower and filter your screen as well as dim your console and controller LED brightness.

October Xbox update brings 4K dashboard, Xbox night mode, and more

The Quick Settings menu has been added to the Xbox Guide as part of the October Xbox update, allowing you to immediately access and change your accessibility settings. This enables you to rapidly toggle accessibility options without having to leave your game or app. If you share a console with individuals who have various accessibility needs, it’s also a huge benefit for families. Quick settings allow you to turn features on and off based on who is currently using the console. That means that everyone in the family may quickly change the settings to create their ideal experience.

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