Get NordVPN at 68% Off with 3 free months and included NordPass and NordLocker at no cost

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Get NordVPN at 68% Off with 3 free months and included NordPass and NordLocker at no cost

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Looking for complete security protection? Well, then NordVPN has a special bargains for you to give you the best discount on its security bundle, called Nord Security Bundle. For now, NordVPN is giving you NordPass and NordLocker as well 3 free months at just a total of $142.83 for the first 2 years for a limited period. And in case, you don’t need a NordPass and NordLocker tools with NordVPN, then purchase only NprdVPN at $83.43 for the first 2 years, and of course, you get 3 free months. All offers are listed below, check it out:

2-year plans (Best deal, plus savings)

1-year plans (No free months)

Monthly plans (No free months, No discount)

For your information, the NordPass is a password manager tool that syncs and backups passwords across all your devices automatically which you can access in an encrypted password vault from anywhere — whether it’s a browser extension or the app. NordPass also checks if your passwords, email addresses, or credit card details have appeared in a data breach (and how it might have happened).

And the NordLocker is a secure and easy-to-use cloud for your files, ideas, and memories. Encrypted at all times, your data is always within reach.

Both NordPass (Read our post for NordPass features, HERE) and NordLocker are operated by Nord Security, the same team behind NordVPN.

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