Google’s Pixel Arena app gets a major upgrade ahead of NBA playoffs

1 min read

As the NBA playoffs approach, Google has given basketball fans something to cheer about with the release of a new and improved Pixel Arena app. The original version of Pixel Arena, which promised to provide users with a fully immersive NBA experience, was criticized for offering limited activities, including trivia games and 3D shot recaps.

However, the latest update of the Pixel Arena app is a game-changer, as it now offers users the ability to explore the virtual arena more freely, reducing the emphasis on menu-diving. This means that basketball fans can now roam about the virtual arena and check out everything it has to offer, including new avatar options and accessories inspired by basketball culture and futuristic streetwear.

One of the most significant updates to the app is the avatar creation process. Google has taken steps to ensure that users can create more natural-looking avatars with the updated avatar builder. The new version takes into consideration various skin tones and adheres to the 10-shade Monk Skin Tone (MST) scale. Users can create their avatars with over a trillion style combos and receive a fake Pixel 7 Pro phone, thanks to brand synergy.

In addition to the avatar creation process, Google has also improved the highlight clips tool, enabling users to remix 3D highlights by focusing on specific viewing angles. Fans can now also enjoy new mini-games, which are still trivia-based, but with the addition of machine learning algorithms that generate questions based on recent events. This means that players can expect relevant questions after significant events, such as a player scoring a career-high.

Despite being a Google offering, Pixel Arena is part of the official NBA app and is available for both Android and iOS devices. To access it, users need only to sign in with their NBA ID and navigate to the Discover tab. The app is loaded with new highlights, which will continue to be added as the season comes to an end and the playoffs begin.