Netflix unveils new policies to address account password sharing

May 24, 2023, 10:57 AM UTC
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Netflix unveils new policies to address account password sharing
(Image Credit: Netflix)

In an effort to safeguard the integrity of individual accounts and enhance user experience, Netflix has embarked on a campaign to address the issue of password sharing in the United States. Recognizing the significance of individual subscriptions, the popular streaming service is taking steps to curtail the practice of sharing account passwords with individuals outside of one’s household. As part of this initiative, Netflix has recently introduced a new fee structure that allows users to share their account with those residing outside their immediate living space.

Netflix is taking a proactive stance by sending emails to users who are sharing their account credentials with individuals beyond their home environment. The correspondence emphasizes that access to Netflix is intended exclusively for members of the same household. The company, however, makes exceptions for situations such as vacations, where users can sign into their Netflix accounts on external devices like hotel televisions without it being considered a violation of password sharing policies.

While Netflix is tightening its regulations, it also acknowledges that there are legitimate ways to share the streaming service with individuals outside of the household. The company outlines two distinct avenues for users to do so.

First, for an additional $7.99 per month, Netflix subscribers can extend their account sharing privileges to someone who doesn’t reside in their home. By purchasing an extra member slot, account owners on Standard or Premium plans can invite an individual to access their account as an extra member. It is important to note that the extra member must activate their access within the same country where the account was initially created. This provision does not apply to Netflix-included packages or accounts billed by third parties, and it is not available for ad-supported plans.

And secondly, Netflix allows any member on an account to transfer their profile to a new membership that they personally pay for. This option enables greater flexibility for users who wish to share their account but want to maintain separate billing arrangements.

Although Netflix has announced its intention to crack down on password sharing in the United States, the company has not provided a specific date for the implementation of these measures. However, it is anticipated that the crackdown will commence during the second quarter of this year, underscoring Netflix’s commitment to upholding fair account usage policies.

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