Netflix Games streaming now available on TV and browsers

Aug 15, 2023, 5:30 PM UTC
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Netflix Games streaming now available on TV and browsers
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix has unveiled a limited beta test of its game streaming service, ‘Netflix Games,’ which commenced on the present date. This transformative endeavor commences with the debut of two captivating titles, namely ‘Oxenfree‘ and ‘Molehew’s Mining Adventure,’ available for streaming on TV sets and browsers.

The trajectory leading to this juncture has been punctuated by Netflix’s resolute endeavors to establish a foothold in the mobile gaming sphere over recent years. Notably, the company expressed its strategic inclination to extend the purview of Netflix Games beyond the confines of iOS and Android, endeavoring to embrace cloud gaming across various platforms. Substantiating this trajectory, a mobile game controller app surfaced on the iOS App Store last week, presaging an imminent revelation concerning the integration of Netflix Games with television-based platforms. As affirmed in an official blog post dated August 14, Netflix has now concretized its intention, ushering in the era of limited beta testing aimed at gauging the reception and efficacy of Netflix games on TV sets, personal computers, and Macintosh systems.

Netflix subscribers in Canada and the United Kingdom will gain access to the exclusive privilege of participating in the limited beta test for Netflix Games on TV. This pioneering initiative is underpinned by a roster of esteemed partners including Amazon, Chromecast, LG, NVIDIA Shield, Roku, Samsung, and Walmart, with an assurance of continual expansion. In the coming weeks, the gamut of Netflix’s influence will extend further, encompassing browser-based gameplay for subscribers residing in the aforementioned regions, enabling interactive experiences on both PC and Mac platforms.

The beta testing program unveils a curated selection of two games available for engagement: ‘Oxenfree,’ an immersive narrative adventure courtesy of Night School Studios, and the novel “gem-mining arcade game” titled ‘Molehew’s Mining Adventure.’ Fostering seamless interactivity, players will engage with these enthralling offerings through streaming onto their chosen device, supported by a versatile array of peripherals, including the conventional keyboard, mouse interface, or the purpose-built Netflix Game Controller application. The underlying objective of this beta program, as articulated in the blog post, is to scrutinize the robustness of Netflix’s game-streaming technology, assess the performance of the accompanying controller, and iteratively enhance the overall member experience.

While precise timelines concerning the expansion of this beta test to North American markets remain undisclosed, this pivotal announcement signals an unmistakable crescendo in Netflix’s commitment to amplifying its gaming footprint over the impending months and years.

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