Mozilla Firefox officially appears in Windows Store

Nov 9, 2021, 10:30 PM EST
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Mozilla Firefox officially appears in Windows store
Image: Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is now available to Microsoft’s Windows Store for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users today. Firefox is one of the first third-party alternatives to be accessible in the Microsoft Store, and it uses its own Gecko browser engine rather than Chromium alternatives like Opera or the many other options that use Microsoft’s Edge webview.

Mozilla Firefox officially appears in Windows store
Mozilla Firefox on Windows Store (Image:

You no longer need to download Firefox from the internet and go through each step to install it on your computer; instead, directly download Firefox from Windows Store. Thanks to Microsoft for the new open store policies, which have finally allowed third-party browsers like Firefox to appear in the Microsoft Store. While Chrome is yet to arrive, Opera was fast to guarantee that its own browser is also available in the store.


“The core of a web browser is what’s called a “browser engine”. The engine is responsible for loading web pages from sites and displaying them on your screen so that you can see and interact with them. Until recently, Microsoft’s store policies required that all web browsers use the engine that Microsoft had built into their platform which meant we were unable to ship the Firefox you know and love in the Windows Store. This was not only bad for you but bad for the web because it meant that the web on Windows 11 would only have the features Microsoft was willing to provide. People deserve choice and we’re glad there is an easier option to download Firefox on Windows,” Mozilla said in their blog post.

“Now that Microsoft has changed their policies, we are finally able to ship Firefox with our industry-leading Gecko engine in the Windows Store,” Mozilla said in their blog post,” Mozilla added.

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