Minecraft pulled from App Store and Google Play Stores in Russia

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Minecraft pulled from App Store and Google Play Stores
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The insanely popular block-building game Minecraft appears to have been pulled from the Apple App Store and Google Play Stores in Russia, according to The Indian Express.

The above follows Microsoft‘s decision last week that it will halt all new sales of its products in Russia in response to the country’s armed invasion of Ukraine. Microsoft owns Minecraft developer Mojang Studios. Last week, Apple Inc. also made a similar move.

Although Microsoft has yet to make an official declaration about the game’s removal, digital sales of Minecraft would fall under the “all-new sales of Microsoft products” category, as stated in the official statement, and the game’s removal from the Russian app stores is not surprising.


That’s the latest sign of the IT industry taking a stand in the Ukraine-Russia war, which erupted on February 24 into open aggression on Russia’s part, with missile strikes on Kyiv and an assault on the Ukrainian Border Guard. It remains to be seen what effect such activities by Big Tech corporations will have in the long run.

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