Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is now on Chromebook

Jun 9, 2023, 12:13 PM UTC
2 mins read

Minecraft, the immensely popular sandbox game, has officially transitioned out of its early access phase on Chromebook, widening its availability to a broader audience. With Minecraft: Bedrock Edition now obtainable from the Google Play Store for a reasonable price of $20, players can delve into the Android version of Minecraft, which typically carries a $7 price tag, at no additional cost. Furthermore, existing Android players who utilize the same Google account on their Chromebook can acquire the latest port for a discounted price of $13. This significant development marks Mojang’s efforts to bring Minecraft‘s immersive experience to Chromebook users, with a particular focus on enhancing compatibility and cross-platform functionality.

Back in March, Mojang introduced an early access version of Minecraft on Chromebook, initially limited to specific models that met the minimum hardware requirements. The objective was to ensure a smooth and optimized performance, tailored to Chromebook’s unique operating system and specifications. During this period, feedback from users played a vital role in refining the game’s performance and ironing out any technical issues.

According to Google, Minecraft for Chromebook is now compatible with any model released within the past three years, in addition to other Chromebooks that meet the minimum specifications. This expanded compatibility enables a wider range of players to explore and create in the Minecraft universe seamlessly. Notably, Minecraft‘s Bedrock Edition on Chromebook supports full cross-play functionality, allowing players to connect and collaborate with friends using the Bedrock Edition on mobile, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Windows. This integration bridges the gap between different platforms, fostering a truly immersive multiplayer experience.

The latest Chromebook version of Minecraft not only grants access to the game itself but also opens up opportunities to explore the Minecraft Marketplace. This marketplace offers a vast collection of player-created content, including skins, textures, and worlds, providing players with endless customization options. Additionally, the recent Trails & Tales update introduces an array of exciting features. Minecraft enthusiasts can now embark on camel rides, encounter new mobs and blocks, and engage in communication by leaving messages for friends on editable hanging signs. This update further enriches the immersive experience and expands the creative possibilities within the game.

Notably, subscribers of Game Pass Ultimate can also enjoy Minecraft on their Chromebooks through Xbox Cloud Gaming. This integration allows players to access the game via the cloud, expanding the availability and flexibility of Minecraft across various devices.

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