Microsoft launched the OneDrive photo story (It’s not an Instagram-like story)

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Microsoft launched the OneDrive photo story (It’s not an Instagram-like story)
(Credit: Microsoft tech community/Microsoft)

Microsoft on Wednesday stated that OneDrive will get a new feature called “OneDrive photo story” that lets you share your memories with people who matter most. With the photo story feature, you can post photos and videos from your OneDrive and your followers can browse those posts on their feed, all without ads and you don’t even need a Microsoft subscription.

Kindly note that OneDrive photo story is a preview feature and it is only available to Australian users on the OneDrive mobile app for Android and iOS, and from your favorite web browser with Microsoft accounts, however, Microsoft stated that in their tech community blog post this feature will be rolling out in the United States and other regions later this year.

A photo story is a new part of OneDrive that makes it easier to share photos and videos with friends and family. Pick the photos or videos you want to share, add a description, and post them to your story. Only the people you want to share with can follow you and view, add comments, and react to your posts. Your friends and family can also make their own stories and posts that you can follow, comment on, and react to.


To access OneDrive photo story features, you must have a OneDrive mobile app and a personal OneDrive account. Once you have that, tap the Shared Shared tab to create your first photo story; if you’re in a browser, select the Shared tab from the left navigation bar. Microsoft has a step-by-step guide for this feature, check the Microsoft support article.

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