This is How Microsoft Combats Cybersecurity Attacks in Schools

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This is How Microsoft Combats Cybersecurity Attacks in Schools
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In light of the variety of resources on the internet, many schools have switched to online learning. Cybersecurity attacks are just one of many risks that come with this, though. In light of this reason, Microsoft created the Microsoft 365 A5 educational license, which helps in the monitoring, detection, and contains threats, therefore lowering their vulnerability to attacks. The license also includes access to all of Microsoft 365 A3’s educational tools.

Microsoft Defender, a part of the Microsoft 365 A5 license, helps protect all Office 365 applications from malicious threats. The tools to combat cybersecurity attacks including malware, phishing, ransomware, and compromised credentials are also included. These tools help in data security as well as student and course facilitator safety.

With this solution in place, Microsoft offers educational institutions enough infrastructure and bandwidth that significantly reduces the likelihood of unneeded disruptions that have a negative effect on students’ ability to learn. For more information on how the A5 license functions, check Microsoft’s blog. They also offer a detailed case study of how Fulton County Schools implemented it in their system.

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