Meta begins next wave of layoffs in technical roles across Facebook, Instagram, Reality Labs, and WhatsApp

Apr 20, 2023, 12:03 PM UTC
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Meta begins next wave of layoffs in technical roles across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp
(Photo by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg/Getty Images)

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has begun the next round of layoffs in technical roles, following the announcement of the company’s plan to cut 10,000 jobs. The latest round of layoffs, which was implemented in a staggered manner, is expected to affect around 4,000 employees working in technical roles across Meta’s various platforms including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Reality Labs.

The affected employees received emails notifying them of their job loss on Wednesday morning, with Meta’s Head of People, Lori Goler, sending a memo to staff a day earlier, acknowledging that it would be a difficult time as the company says goodbye to friends and colleagues who have contributed so much to Meta.

This move follows the recent restructuring that the company has undergone, which involved splitting the company into two distinct business units: the Meta Apps unit, which will focus on social media products, and the Meta Platform unit, which will focus on building the metaverse and other products like the Oculus VR headset.

The layoffs are expected to hit the technical teams that support these business units, including those working on Meta’s Reality Labs division, which is responsible for developing augmented and virtual reality products. This move comes as the company continues to invest heavily in the metaverse, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg stating that the company plans to spend $10 billion on the initiative over the next few years.

Meta’s decision to lay off employees has been met with criticism, with many questioning the company’s motives and its commitment to its employees. Some have pointed out that the company has been making record profits, and yet, it continues to cut jobs.

In response to the layoffs, Meta has stated that the move is necessary to “streamline operations and focus on strategic priorities.” The company also stated that it would be offering severance packages, including four months of salary and up to a year of health coverage, to those affected by the layoffs.

While the layoffs are undoubtedly a difficult time for those affected, they are also a reminder of the changing nature of work and the need for employees to adapt and stay agile in a constantly evolving job market. As the world continues to shift towards digitalization and automation, companies will need to find new ways to remain competitive, and this may involve making difficult decisions such as laying off employees.

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