Meta launches Family Center and Parental Supervision Tools on Instagram and in VR

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Family Center, a new tool for parents and guardians to get supervision tools and resources from notable experts, was launched today by Meta (formerly Facebook). According to Meta, the Supervision tools are rolling out now on Instagram and will be available in its Quest VR headsets in May 2022.

“Today, we’re making these supervision tools available in our new Family Center. We worked closely with experts, parents, guardians and teens to develop Family Center, a new place for parents to oversee their teens’ accounts within Meta technologies, set up and use supervision tools, and access resources on how to communicate with their teens about internet use.”

This new Family Center, according to Meta, includes a new education hub where parents and guardians can access professional resources and study useful articles, videos, and advice on issues such as how to talk to teens about social media.


Instagram’s supervision capabilities are currently being rolled out in the United States and will be available globally in the coming months. Parents and guardians will be able to use the first set of parental supervision tools on Instagram to:

  • View how much time their teens spend on Instagram and set time limits.
  • Be notified when their teen shares they’ve reported someone.
  • View and receive updates on what accounts their teens follow and the accounts that follow their teens.

Meta says, “teens will need to initiate supervision for now in the app on mobile devices, and we will add the option for parents to initiate supervision in the app and on desktop in June. Teens will need to approve parental supervision if their parent or guardian requests it.”

Meta launches Family Center and Parental Supervision Tools on Instagram and in VR
(Source: Meta)

In the coming months, Meta will add more functionality, such as allowing parents to set the hours during which their teen can use Instagram and allowing multiple parents to watch a teen’s account.


Meta also plans to release VR parental supervision tools on the Quest VR headset in the coming months. Starting in April 2022, Meta wants to enhance its existing unlock pattern on Quest headsets, allowing parents to restrict teens (13+) from accessing activities they believe aren’t age-appropriate by locking access to such apps using an Unlock Pattern.

Meta will also begin blocking teens (13+) from downloading IARC-rated age-inappropriate apps in May 2022. Meta is also releasing a Parent Dashboard, which will include a set of supervision tools that will be linked to the teen’s account based on both sides’ approval.

Source: Meta

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