This Magyip 400X mobile camera lens will transform your smartphone into a microscope

Actually, this mobile lens doesn’t require any app, just plug it in and capture the enjoyable macro moment.
Feb 28, 2022, 7:38 PM UTC
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This Magyip 400X mobile lens will transform your smartphone into a microscope

In just 5 seconds, the Magyip smartphone microscope can transform your smartphone into a microscope. It has an excellent design, fashionable appearance, max magnification of 400X, easily threaded into your phone, allowing you to record real-time video and clear pictures without the use of an app.

Magyip 400X transforms your smartphone into a professional or lab microscope! It would be an excellent gift for a friend or child to study or discover the micro world that they have never seen in their daily lives.

From the study of microorganisms or cells to mineralogy and materials science, Magyip allows you to explore the microworld in detail, whether for research, education, or just for joy. Explore the microscopic world with the most powerful, compact, and user-friendly smartphone microscope.

Magyip boasts a maximum magnification of 400x, a resolution of 2nm, and a 6-glass HD lens for taking high-definition photos and films that can be seen on your phone’s screen. More details can be clearly observed. Allows you to clearly see the tiniest characteristics of specimens such as plants, coins, gems, soldering, and so on.

Magyip is a very simple operation; the lens can be easily threaded into a phone case and will automatically align your phone’s main camera, allowing you to snap ordinary things on the go with no tedious processes.

Magyip features a CPL filter that successfully eliminates reflections and reduces chromatic aberration, allowing the actual colors of objects to be restored. Cuts down reflections and glare, as well as provides protection for the front lens element.

The optical glass is made up of four elements arranged in four groups. Birdwatching and studying the microscopic are usually enjoyable activities. Their high magnification and multi-layer coating allow them to produce superb image quality despite their incredibly lightweight design.

You don’t need to download any apps; simply turn on the camera mode on your smartphone and start shooting. Explore the micro-world and share your discoveries with your friends by clicking the share button. Share them with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

Magyip weighs about 3.5g and is only 12mm thick. There are no batteries required, and the tiny size is comparable to a pack of coins! It can easily fit into a pocket, making it easy for taking them to be observed and used to take images and video at any time and place.

This Magyip 400X mobile lens will transform your smartphone into a microscope
This Magyip 400X mobile lens will transform your smartphone into a microscope

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